To inspire and contribute towards a better world by
developing the technologies of the future today

What We Are

SPARC (Strategic Projects and Advanced Research Centre) is the newest member of the Harrison Group of companies – a nearly 100-year-old, family-owned private group with a rich history in the Australian chemical industry. As the newest member, our aspirations and business directions are
slightly different to our sibling companies, Harrison Manufacturing and A S Harrison & Co. We want to develop the innovative technologies that will propel the Harrison Group for the next 100 years.

Our team creates inspiring, innovative technologies that contribute to positively shaping a better world in a sustainable and ethical way. The global landscape is dramatically changing – and long-term, transformational technologies will be at the forefront of solving these problems. If businesses want to future-proof themselves and build generational legacies, then we need to use our scientific and engineering prowess to better the future for each generation.

Whether it’s developing environmentally friendly water treatment systems, components for novel energy storage devices, or synthesising novel bio-based packaging and lubricants, we are taking our crazy ideas and building tomorrow’s businesses today.

Our Focus Areas

SPARC’s burning ambition is to inspire and contribute towards a better world by developing the technologies of the future today. But where does the future technologies lie, and which ones are commercially viable? We believe that innovating for a better, sustainable world will be sound business proposition, and our focus areas reflect this thinking.

We are developing technologies in the water treatment, energy, construction, health, food, and sustainability sectors to address the wants and needs of our customers in each of those fields.

Working With SPARC

While we definitely have high ambitions and aspirations, we are grounded in addressing the needs of our customers as well. People are our number one priority – and by fostering a stimulating environment for our employees to flourish, we can not only develop innovative technologies that our customers will want but a research partner with which they will want to engage for all of their future technology needs.

Building for the future is every business’s goal, and collaborative projects have the potential to make the future happen today. Come and explore the possibilities with us.