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To inspire and contribute towards a better world by
developing the technologies of the future today

What We Are

SPARC aspires to be a leading industrial research centre,
our endeavours off the giants in the field

SPARC (Strategic Projects and Advanced Research Centre) is the newest member of the Harrison Group of companies – a family-owned private group with a rich history in the Australian chemical industry dating back to 1923. As the newest member, our aspirations and business directions are slightly different from our sibling companies, Harrison Manufacturing and A S Harrison & Co. We want to develop the innovative technologies that contribute to a better world today – by taking, head on, the major global problems and strive to solve them.

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Our Focus Areas

  • Water
  • Energy
  • Agricultural
  • Construction
  • Health
  • Sustainability


Water scarcity is a global problem – exacerbated every day by climate change. The ability to use sustainable materials in wastewater treatment systems will be critical. How can nature inspire us to develop new water treatment chemicals and flocculants, and how can we extract viable resources from the treatment process other than potable water? These are the directions we’re investigating.

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While energy may be the fuel for our growing society, our energy supplies need to transition from fossil fuels to more renewable energy systems. This requires unique battery storage and charging technology for our homes, industries, and transport systems. SPARC is developing new technologies across the entire value chain – lithium processing, separator and electrolyte technology, and recycling.

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With eight BILLION people on the planet and counting, feeding this growing population is growing increasingly difficult. Regenerative agricultural techniques, soil and fertiliser technologies, and systems to minimise pest and crop spoilage are all innovations to increase the crop yields to address these issues.

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The push to combat climate change and net zero CO2 emissions has a large focus on the construction industry. Steel manufacturing and ore mining exact a heavy toll on energy demands and emissions; however, this area can also aid in carbon capture. Advances in mineralisation, concrete formulations and manufacture, as well as green steel manufacture can help to capture and store carbon dioxide long-term.

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With the emergence of the COVID-19 pandemic, healthcare and the rapid response to emerging medical needs has been in the forefront. Advances in nanomedicine and biocompatible material technologies have aided in vaccine and drug delivery systems. SPARC is looking towards these areas in the value chain to enter into the healthcare space.

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Sustainable manufacturing is the heart of any good ESG policy. Whether that entails using renewable, naturally resourced raw materials or developing technologies to enhance recycling and utilise a circular economy, these are key innovation areas. At SPARC, we strive to develop these technologies so as to create a better world for the future.

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Working With SPARC

While we definitely have high ambitions and aspirations, we are also grounded in the premise of addressing the needs of our customers. PEOPLE are our number one priority – by fostering a stimulating environment for our employees to flourish, we can develop innovative technologies for our customers. We want to be more than a chemical supplier to our customers, we want to be a research partner – one they will want to engage with for ALL of their future technology needs.

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