Sunset on 2023! Looking Back and Forward…

Every year seems to speed right on by, but this one felt faster than most. But while the year flew by, we have been very busy!

Being incorporated back in July of 2021, SPARC has strived to push and grow our innovative R&D company. This year not only did we officially commence work on our second product development line, we also received nearly $2M in federal funding to bring this technology to market. This project also saw the start of one of our first collaborations, with Western Australia School of Mines (WASM, a part of Curtin University). This project truly pushes the envelope for the Harrison Group, as it deals with the development of a novel lithium frother additive material to increase critical mineral extraction – desperately needed for the rapid transition to renewable energy technology.

The year also saw us attend the AFR Business Summit as well as the OzWater Conference, with our sister companies Harrison Manufacturing and A S Harrison & Co. This was important as it gave us unique insights into research and market trends in the renewables and water treatment spaces, as well as make more valuable connections with potential collaborators in the future.

And what do we have on the horizon in 2024? Well, we’re in the process of getting approvals and building our new research facilities to continue our IP development pipeline. We have collaborations in development here with the University of New South Wales as well as internationally with Allozymes in Singapore. And while these projects are in their infancy, we’re excited to branch out into our other focus areas and build meaningful collaboration partnerships.

While 2023 has been a major milestone year for us, we can’t wait to see what’s to come in 2024!!