The Creative SPARC

When you aspire to be a leading industrial research centre focused on generating tomorrow’s technologies today, you can’t do it alone. Collaboration with industry, university, and government partners is key – and only through collaboration can the truly innovative ideas be given the space to flourish into reality. Our core values and business foundations reflect this and lay out, in plain terms, how we intend to operate with our customers, partners, and employees – because people are our number one priority.

Along with our brochure on how SPARC operates, this space also acts as a repository for our white papers, IP generation, and research directions. You can also subscribe to our quarterly newsletter and get these posts and other SPARC news sent directly to your email.

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Sunset on 2023! Looking Back and Forward…

Every year seems to speed right on by, but this one felt faster than most. But while the year flew by, we have been very busy!

Water Treatment into AgTech

8.07 Billion….that’s the current population of the planet, based on UN figures. It’s a staggering number…

SPARC Grant Success and Future Prospects

In our March newsletter, we mentioned that SPARC was submitting a grant application in the federal government’s Critical Minerals Development Program. The program is designed to fund projects which increase the supply chain of critical minerals in Australia to further boost the economy in the renewable energy sector.

SPARC Receives Critical Minerals Grant for Li Frother Development

Harrison SPARC, the R&D arm of The Harrison Group, will receive $1.9 million from the Federal Government to value-add to Australia’s critical mineral capabilities.

SPARC at the AFR Business Summit

Two short weeks ago, the Harrison Group attended the AFR Business Summit. This year’s theme for the summit was ‘Crunch Time for Prosperity’, which couldn’t be anymore appropriate.

End Of The Year – Look Back & Looking Ahead

While SPARC was incorporated on July 1 of 2021, and we began work behind the scenes setting up the business structure, 2022 has seen the bulk of the business activity thus far.

Moonshots and SPARC

September 12th, 1962, President John F. Kennedy gave his famous ‘Moonshot’ speech where he gave NASA the goal of landing a man on the moon by the end of the decade. It was an ambitious goal, that set an entire national workforce into motion – one that was accomplished in less than seven years.

Climate Action – Solutions Needed

Last month, the COP26 summit in Glasgow finished, and while the politics of the summit and its results can be debated, the event put the need for climate action at the forefront of the world stage again.