What We Are

SPARC (Strategic Projects and Advanced Research Centre) was formed as the long-term innovation centre for the Harrison Group. Our goal is to build upon the strengths and capabilities which already exist across our sister companies while expanding into new initiatives and business sectors.
The direction our new initiatives and business sector growth will take us stems from our core values and our vision statement. These define not only who we are as a company, but more importantly why we are.

We strive to inspire and contribute towards a better world by developing the technologies of the future TODAY. The world has many challenges facing us that need solutions now – climate change, food and water scarcity, energy storage and generation, and sustainable manufacturing are just some of the immediate needs that science and technology can solve. We’re striving to solve these problems, because these solutions and innovations will shape and propel us into the next century.

How will we tackle these problems and develop new technologies? By cultivating the creativity and scientific talent of our research teams and collaborators. We want to develop innovative solutions to these problems that will be readily and easily implemented. Solving the technical issues is only half of the equation, innovative solutions that the customer wants will make for a better world and help to make our vision a reality.